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Our property and real estate network is specialised in helping internationals relocating to Spain.

We are specialised only in high-quality properties for internationals coming to Spain. Hence the name of our network "Property services for Internationals".

Our multilingual staff will surely find your dreamhouse because we’re specialised in high-quality properties for internationals in Spain.

What makes us stand out above other real estate agencies?

Our aims is to help the international expatriate find a property where he’ll feel at home in Spain.

Your arrival to Spain is what we’re specialised in, so we’ll guide you through all the necessary steps, making sure you find the adequate home, and ensuring you’re comfortably installed in your new house.

Surprising as this may seem, our intention is that, when you contact us, not only will you be talking with efficient professionals but, above all, with a new friend in Spain.

Thanks to this policy, and to our client recommendations, our company has not stopped growing for the last 20 years, becoming one of the major real estate networks in Spain ( the only one specialised in internationals), with numerous branches in Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca and Marbella. And we will keep growing, thanks to all the people like you that have trusted us and put themselves in our hands (relied on our services).

We’re looking forward to meeting you and your family and to be able to work for you.

Property management

If you own a property (be it a house, office, flat…) just relax and leave all the property management and maintenance to us. We can offer you a global service which includes maintenance (painters, plumbers, etc….), management ( water, gas and electricity bills, telephone contracts, etc.….) property sale or rental (we’ll find the buyer or tenant and deal with contracts, notary, etc….).

We will manage your property and you will be able to relax knowing that you are in the hands of professionals who will take good care of management, maintenance of your property and make the maximum profit out of it for you.